HTech provides custom control system design and software for industrial machines used in manufacturing processes. These include sequenced control, conveyors, thermal control, and precision motion. We have experience with multiple PLC and motion controller vendors such as Allen Bradley, Omron and Delta Tau. Software can be designed using ladder logic, LabVIEW, Visual Studio and a variety of other platforms.

System Design
Software for Control and User Interface
Electrical Enclosure Assembly and Custom Parts Manufacturing
Integration and Installation

HTech provides electronic design and electrical engineering services to meet the customer needs. Our design services range from starting with a concept where we put together the specifications and develop the complete design to simply providing PCB layout based on the customer provided designs. HTech can deliver bare PCBs to fully assembled and tested boards and anything between.

Circuit Engineering and Design Services
Schematics and PCB Layout using Altium or Diptrace
PCB manufacturing and Assembly (we contract with outside vendors for these)
Circuit Board Testing (including bed of nails tester design)
Gerber Modifications (for changes to PCBs)



HTech can work with local companies to take a concept, design the electronics and hardware, and manufacture a prototype. A complete concept to prototype path allows our customers to reach their final product quickly and with minimal heartburn.

System Design to Develop Product Specifications
Electronic and Mechanical Design Based on Specifications
Manufacturing Prototype Components
Assembling and Testing Prototypes
Full Product Development (from prototype to final manufacturing design)

HTech provides programming services for micro-processors and other hardware devices. We specialize in Microchip products but also have experience with ARM processors, FPGAs and other integrated ICs used in Bluetooth and wifi modules. Previous projects have included uSD data loggers, USB file servers, USB serial ports, and extremely low power devices. Commonly used hardware interfaces are I2C, I2S, SPI, PWM, capacitive touch, RS232 and RS485. While not embedded software, we also supply windows based user interfaces to embedded software to set parameters and collect data.

Software Layout and Design
Technical Documentation
Standard Source Control Practices using GIT
Environmental Consulting
User Interfacing to Embedded Hardware