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HTECH is actively involved in various technology communities. Located in Tucson, Arizona, HTECH has often been invited to work on developing prototypes for entrepreneurs of all types – from practical makers and DIY-ers to highly trained engineers with a new idea. Below are just a couple of the feature designs we’ve worked on…and they’ve been a blast!

ROSCOE Bird deterrent system

Motion detection
Collaborative product re-design for manufacturability
Full controller redesign to include: wing motion, head motion, movement detection, and sound generation for various actions
Wireless keyfob remote control
Field upgradable software with random behavior algorithm

The ROSCOE Story

Roscoe is a bird deterrent system in the shape of a hawk. Roscoe scares birds away by screeching and flapping wings. Its behavior is random in order to not allow birds to become accustomed to it but it also has motion detection to trigger when birds are nearby. The customer had gone to another company to develop a prototype. A video was produced and interest in the product was generated. This other company closed its doors and all the development designs were lost.

HTECH teamed up with Clearview, a company in Phoenix, and both stepped in to re-design the product for manufacturability. Clearview developed the mechanical design and HTECH designed the controls and software. The control includes wing motion, head motion, movement detection, sound for various actions, a wireless keyfob remote control, field upgradable software and a random behavior algorithm.

Future models will incorporate a wifi connection with a scanning security camera in the head. Currently body parts are out for fabrication, electronics are complete and programming is underway. The new Roscoe prototype models will be ready for testing at the end of October 2015.


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