Our goal is to provide products that exceed customer expectations for performance, reliability and cost.

We are a small engineering firm located in Tucson, Arizona that specializes in industrial controls & software, electronic circuit design, PCB layout and embedded software. Since our foundation in 2012, our team has provided experienced engineering design, prototype and production. Our mission is to provide products that exceed customer expectations for performance, reliability and cost. This mission is only accomplished by employing and retaining highly skilled personnel and through the use of local contractors that are well known in their advanced respective fields.

Experience with Integrity

Innovative Engineering

Focus On Our Clients

High Quality Professionals

Over 30 Years of Experience

Our Director of Engineering, Kevin Harris, has lead our experienced engineers through a wide array of projects, varying in size and complexity.

Design Standards + Compliance

We hold to design standards that put devices in the best position for testing and operation. We are proud to contribute to product commissioning that is trusted.

Advanced Capabilities

We’ve developed high-density circuitry (up to 487 components on a 5″x6″ board!) that ranges all sizes and applications. Our smallest PCB was an 8.6mm USB-ready IR-thermal sensor.

End-to-End Solution

We can produce everything from concept to prototype. As a member of the Tucson Manufacturing Group, we are capable of pushing client prototypes further.

Honest and Dependable

We have good relationships with our clients and always work collaboratively throughout the design process. With good relationships comes good product.

We're Always Improving

Our team is constantly educating themselves on the newest technology advancements in engineering. We rely on strong relationships with academic researchers as well as leaders in the private sector.

Controls Engineering

Controls Engineering

From touch-screen user-interfaces to full motion control, we can do it.

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Electronics Design

Electronics Design

We help you plan beyond concept and produce high-quality electronics.

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Prototype Engineering

Prototype Engineering

We design and develop short-run prototypes of all sizes and complexities.

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Embedded Software

Embedded Software

We program for data collection, communications, storage, and response.

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Simple safety light that doesn’t drain battery power during mining equipment downtime

Our emergency safety light controller is used on large shovels. It monitors system battery voltage & time to allow the safety light to function properly while not allowing it to completely drain the batteries while the shovel was down for long periods of maintenance.


An equal focus on a program's system analysis and design, and all aspects of the program's management requirements; including customer satisfaction.

Carol Van HoesenCarol Van HoesenQuality Manager at EOS Technologies, Inc.

Since 2012, Htech has provided ``in depth`` solutions, prompt , resourceful, innovative solutions oriented to timely completion of our projects, (well within the time frame necessary for success.)

Gene EverestGene EverestCEO of Everest Interscience

A results-driven, customer-focused, articulate and analytical Software/Systems team that can think “out of the box”. Truly strong in design and integration...

Steven JuliverSteven JuliverExperienced GM for More Than 20 Years

We are a leader in controls engineering, electronics design, embedded software and prototype engineering.